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EDL #15
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Played matches

2017-02-14flag DamiahPlay-offsdefeat 2:3flag ceba
2017-01-29flag PURRIPlay-offsdefeat 1:3flag ceba
2016-12-28flag DamiahPlay-offswin 3:1flag ceba
2016-12-17flag AlexJPlay-offswin 3:0flag ceba
2016-12-04flag isbjornDivision 1bwin 2:0flag ceba
2016-12-04flag ReverenceDivision 1bwin 2:1flag ceba
2016-12-01flag iversDivision 1bwin 2:0flag ceba
2016-11-14flag DamiahDivision 1bwin 2:1flag ceba
2016-11-13flag NumaveZiDivision 1bwin 2:0flag ceba
2016-11-12flag keizerDivision 1bwin 2:1flag ceba
2016-10-30flag warriorDivision 1bwin 2:0flag ceba
2014-03-02flag `normanPlay-offsdefeat 2:3flag ceba
2014-02-16flag optiMusPlay-offswin 3:1flag k1ra
2014-01-26flag syanidPlay-offsdefeat 1:3flag ceba
2013-12-13flag DMDiv 1Bwin 2:0flag ceba
2013-12-02flag k1raDiv 1Bwin 2:1flag k1ra
2013-11-24flag iversDiv 1Bwin 2:0flag ceba
2013-11-05flag NumaveZiDiv 1Bwin 2:1flag k1ra
2013-10-27flag DavidDiv 1Bdefeat 0:2flag claire
2013-10-20flag `normanDiv 1Bwin 2:1flag claire
2013-09-28flag CoVellDiv 1Bwin 2:0flag claire
2008-03-09flag AssasinPlay-offsdefeat 1:3flag wision
2008-02-24flag GerdtBdefeat 1:2flag wision
2008-02-24flag U-GodBwin 2:1flag Blaizz
2008-02-13flag maqBwin 2:0flag wision
2008-02-06flag wst2Bwin 2:0flag wision
2008-01-28flag ProviBdefeat 1:2flag wision
2008-01-22flag JolBwin 2:1flag Blaizz
2008-01-10flag [UMUSTDIE]Bwin 2:0flag Blaizz
2007-05-05flag AssasinPlay-offsdefeat 2:3flag ph
2007-05-03flag GerdtPlay-offswin 3:0flag ph
2007-04-29flag aGentDiv1awin 2:0flag wision
2007-04-27flag DamiahDiv1adefeat 1:2flag wision
2007-03-29flag jakkariDiv1awin 2:0flag wision
2007-03-21flag PogoDiv1awin 2:0flag Pogo
2007-03-21flag Smoke.uaDiv1awin 2:0flag ph
2006-04-24flag DamiahPlay-offsdefeat 1:3flag lasthero
2006-04-18flag V!ct!MPlay-offswin 3:1flag syanid
2006-03-25flag SEBbullFwin 2:0flag syanid
2006-03-25flag careemFwin 2:1flag syanid
2006-03-15flag TurricaneFwin 2:1flag OhYeah
2006-03-15flag LogicFwin 2:0flag syanid
2006-03-09flag wst2Fwin 2:0flag syanid

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