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Edge season #6
IRC: #edge.q2 | http://demos.q2players.org
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GRAND FINAL2011-04-19 16:57 | Gerdt
So, here we are. Only the last game of the season is to be played:

Edge#2 Grand Final: flag Aone vs maq flag:

flag maq has to win two best-of-5 games to take home the gold medal while Aone only needs to win one.

And not to be forgotten: Congratulations to flag warrior for finishing on the third place!!!
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Reaching the end2011-04-12 09:24 | Gerdt
Edge lovers,

After a very entertaining and surprising season we have now come to the last stages of Edge#2.

With only two games left we are about to discover the best q2dm1 player in the scene:

flag Aone, who won the winner bracket in a 5 map thriller against flag maq will now play the grand final against the winner of the loser bracket.

In this bracket we have two Polish players who showed and excellent performance throughout the league:

In the left corner we have flag warrior, who went through an impressive comeback in the loser bracket. flag warrior seems to be in top shape after eliminating flag Damiah in the previous round.

In the right corner we will see flag maq once again. He only lost 3 and won 17 maps this season. Will he be able to make an end to flag warrior's winning streak?

Edge#2 Loser bracket final:

flag warrior vs maq flag

Server: somewhere in Poland
Date/time: to be scheduled

The winner of this game will have to win two best-of-5 games against flag Aone in the grand final!

Who will succeed last season's winner flag Damiah img?

I don't know, but may the best win!
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Winner bracket final2011-03-22 16:32 | Gerdt
A rather unexpected winner bracket final is coming up this week!

Edge#2's Winner Bracket Final:

flag maq vs flag Aone

In the loser bracket we had a very interesting semifinal:

flag Damiah vs flag PURRI [3:1]

flag Damiah will face flag warrior in the first final of the loser bracket!

Edit: flag Damiah vs flag warrior [2:3]

flag warrior plays the loser bracket final against flag maq or flag Aone

Stay tuned!
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Loserbracket: first semifinals2011-03-16 19:58 | Gerdt
Important: All of these games are played by the best-of-5 rule!

First match:

flag warrior vs UMUSTDIE flag 3:0

flag warrior will meet flag shuugghh in the second semifinal round.

Second match:

flag irvin vs Damiah flag

The winner will meet flag purri or flag Aone. (Scheduled on monday 21/03 at 21.30!)

Deadline for this round: 23rd march at 20.00CET!
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Semifinals2011-03-06 07:35 | Gerdt
Deadline: Sunday 13th march 2011

Winner Bracket: Best of 5 (!!!!)

flag shuugghh vs maq flag : 1:3

flag PURRI vs Aone flag 21/03 at 21.30CET

Loser Bracket: Best of 3 (!!!)

flag warrior vs DM flag 2:0

flag CoLD vs UMUSTDIE flag 1:2

flag irvin vs zorre flag 2:0

flag Ag3 vs Damiah flag 0:2

No delays allowed, play your games on time!
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