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2014-03-04 Season 5 Playoffs!!
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Edge season #6
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Edge #3 is finished!!!2012-06-20 16:02 | ceba
After a long long season I am happy to announce that 3rd season of Edge League is finished. :)
I would like to personally thank everyone that kept playing and gave their precious time to enjoy this great map and this great game.

And of course... Huge congratulations to Damiah!!!

Hope to see you all next time on better and more exiting Edge.
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Playoffs starts now!!!2012-04-23 08:59 | ceba
So Group stage is finished and you can see the final standings.
Unfortunately there were lots of warnings and that lead to kicking most of the players. After all this we have left only 8 players who didn't get 5 or more warnings and stayed in the League.
They are: Damiah, faint, pr0to, numavezi, st!gmata, zyga, apkis, devonee. Although pr0to was 3rd in his group we are adding him to playoffs.

I am sure you all read the rules and already know it but just to remind you:
Playoffs follow double elimination system.
Playoff games are played as a best of 5 maps.
The grand final is played as a best of 7 maps.

Also I would like to, once again, remind that players have to go to their match page and leave comment about when they can play.
So it would be wise to spend few minutes of your time to do that and we all will have nice Playoffs.
So go check the schedule and start playing!
You have till Sunday to play the games currently in schedule.

flag numavezi vs flag devonee
flag faint vs flag st!gmata
flagDamiah vs flag zyga
flagpr0to vs flag APKIS^^

Good luck :)
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Warnings updated.2012-04-13 11:19 | ceba
As you all can see we still dont have Playoffs started. But hopefully they are starting soon, to be exact after warnings are sorted.
So I recommend everyone to head to:
Edge #3 warnings
Look for your name, check what you have to do to reduce number of warnings (upload demos, play games).
Warnings mostly are given for missing demos and for unplayed games. If you see "initial warning for w/o..." that means you didn't play your game on time, but managed to do that later and got number of warnings reduced.
Having a lot of warnings means you might/will be kicked form the league (5 or more warnings is very bad :) )
Originally I was going to give time till Sunday, but cause its Friday already you have time till next Friday (20th April 2012)
If you have any questions - contact Edge admins (me, Claire) via email (quake2edge@gmail.com), q2scene messenger or irc.
Good luck and have fun :)
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Good news (sort of) -- Beer :)2012-03-10 14:36 | ceba
Weird thing but I only write about good stuff :)
I understand everyone is busy and dont have spare 30-45 minutes a week for a game, and seems when I am not around nothing is happening too ;)
Anyway in 5 days there was only 1 game played and I figured that you people need some motivation.
So I (Ceba) decided that for player who first plays ALL his groups stage games (with demos uploaded and screens sent) in an upcoming LAN (hopefully its will come) I will get a case of BEER of his choice (or alternative, for example a bottle of vodka, onion head and a jar of pickles for Russian ;) ).
So pull out you fingers and play play play

{edit} or you can provide a link to a netshop where I get this prize sent to you :)
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Group and Schedule are up.2012-02-27 18:10 | ceba
Like you can understand from title, finally we have groups filled up and schedule is up so you can start playing.
Top 3 players from 2nd Chance went to Group Stage: Dragunov, Apkis, Zyga.
Once again we want to remind that games should be arranged in comments section of every game.
Screens should be sent to quake2edge@gmail.com and demos uploaded to demosquad.
Now I would like to thank people that played in 2nd chance. In short time, less than a week, they played all games (well most) and had fun doing that (I hope they did). Thank you for giving your time to do that, for participating. :)

And now everyone - Have fun in Group Stage.

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