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2015-12-10 Edge #6 - January 2016
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2014-03-04 Season 5 Playoffs!!
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Edge season #6
IRC: #edge.q2 | http://demos.q2players.org
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Edge #6 - January 20162015-12-10 14:05 | claire
Oh yes, it's that time again! We took a year off, and we're back for some Q2DM1 action.

The Edge holds a special place in all of our hearts. There's no better way to show this than by signing up, talking some shit, spamming some rockets and camping the megahealth room like your life depends on it.

Signups are now open and will remain open until January 17. Depending on the number of signups this could be a very quick league.
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Edge #5 is finished 2014-08-18 03:50 | ceba
I know I know its like 4 months too late :)
But still I would like to congratulate Purri and salad for winning Edge #5 divs 1 and 2.
And of course thank you everyone for playing.
Till next time sometime.
Have fun
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Season 5 Playoffs!!2014-03-04 14:38 | claire
Group stage is nearly over. In fact, we're going to record some w/o games and force all remaining games for this Sunday (March 9) at around 20:00CET. That'll give you almost a week to play your scheduled games and make up any w/o games.

We're going to do two 8-player playoffs this year. The players in positions 1 and 2 will proceed to division 1 playoffs and the #3 & 4 players in each group will proceed to the division 2 playoffs. The playoff trees will be created this Sunday (or maybe Monday morning).

I'm going to be kicking a few players out in the next few days so positions might be changing as their games all turn into walkovers. So if you have any w/o games you might want to try playing them as a single game can mean the difference between division 1 and 2 or even not being in playoffs at all.
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Season 5 Begins2014-01-27 20:48 | claire
OK, groups are up, schedule is up, and matches created. START PLAYING!

The rules are the same as EDL#12 (except for the map picking stuff), but you might want to read through them to make sure you know what is expected of you.

Please idle in the offical Edge IRC channel - #edge.q2 on irc.quakenet.org - it makes scheduling and setting up matches significantly easier.

Before matches:
- post your availability on the match page and work out a time to play.

During matches:
- take screenshots of the intermission screen after each map.
- record demos of each map.
- don't rely on the servers stuffing a record and screenshot, not all of them do that.

After matches:
- BOTH players are expected to email all screens to quake2edge@gmail.com with some kind of a description of the match.
- you'll receive an email with a URL to upload your demos once the match is registered on q2scene.net.
- you need to upload your demos within 2 days
- demos will be available at demos.q2players.org/edge/5/latest

For each group, the players in positions 1 and 2 will advance to an upper level double-elimination playoff bracket. The players in positions 3 and 4 will advance to a lower level double-elimination playoff bracket.

Group stage should only last about 5 weeks (assuming we don't have to wait on matches) and with two 8-player playoffs going at the same time, it could be possible to be finished by the end of March. I hope that is short enough to hold everyone's interest and motivation.

Have fun, good luck and pray for chaingun spawns!

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Edge #5 signups are open!2014-01-16 11:45 | claire
Back by popular demand!

So the consensus is:
- yes, there is interest
- stock q2dm1 only
- get this going and done as fast as we can

I think we're going to try to do a smaller number of larger groups resulting in an 8 player playoffs. Maybe even two different divisions of playoffs at the same time. That should make this go faster. But obviously it all depends on how many people sign up.

So you only have until January 26, 2014 to sign up. If you decide to sign up, PLEASE send us an email at quake2edge@gmail.com so we have your current address. Or you can message me on IRC in #edge.q2. If we don't have a valid email address for you at the time groups are created, you will be left out.

I suggest you read the rules so you know what is expected of you.
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