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flag Simsons Q2 Movie- The Darkness
Date added:15.11.2012, 06:58screen
Date recorded:14.11.12
Rate:Rate (votes: 7)
Type:Frags Movie
[ Download file ]
Added by:flag cebaApproved by:flag ceba Rate
Simsons new Q2 Movie - The Darkness. Check it out. Enjoy. Like. Share :) Other sources: http://www.filesend.net/download.php?f=f77f0c4fb8b530ddbbf5df46815a2197 http://www.sendspace.pl/file/d757fe77604397ed44eee86 http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=v1MdhJxeeUU http://www.own3d.tv/paras104/watch/885746


2012-12-30 10:47 
Nice to watch, nice to see smth new. Content could be a little better, however I know that nowadays awesome frags are hard to get : ) Rate
2012-11-27 19:04 
Hey kinezu the kg2 tutorial in kg2 help file is good recam tutorial and I've recommended it for everyone before starting anything.

st1gmata forgot to answer your question too: I have Q2 material for ffa movie and ctf movie, but I'm active in QL scene and haven't played Q2 for years, so I want to do a QL movie first. No idea when there will be time for it. I'm willing to give out the ctf material to someone who has the needed skills.
2012-11-22 17:07 
Hi, nice job overall but is kinda dark, at least for me cause i m using an crt monitor. As Dimmo said, using gl_modulate xx command will improve the brightness of the skins and items. Also you should increase the hud scale. I think the command is gl_hudscale or gl_scale. So messages can be seen better.

Sync with the music could ve been better. And i also saw that using resample in vegas kinda ruins the smoothness but i guess is just a matter of preferences.

Overall a good movie, if this is your first movie then congrats its good.

Btw Dimmo, nice to see you around, do you consider in editing more quake2 movies? maybe edl movie emo . And please can you provide or do you know any proper recam tutorial keygrip2? I checked your balabin page but with no succes Rate
2012-11-21 15:46 
Ok Simson. You probably added motion blur to make it look smoother. People use frame blending for same purposes. Vegas has frame blending called "smart resampling" on by default. Basically it creates a new frame by blending two frames together and adding it between them. That algorithm isn't perfect either as there are still computer generater frames and not 100% original. You can tune it to serve it's purposes in Quake movies too, but it means using more advanced technologies like supersampling from high fps footage (300-1000fps). The

The Contenders 2 had it well done, you can find it from here http://www.esreality.com/post/1893342/the-contenders-2/ .

But imo better make it raw high fps without frame blending, looks sharp and it's easier to follow what's happening. And our mind tries to create the missing frames anyway, so better let it do the job instead of unsuitable video tricks.

Watched your movie second time now and here are some more thoughts and a rating.

You used transitions in every clip. When doing a movie you should try to follow some video editing rules that help to mantain the flow and focus of the viewer. Try to cut the clips so that it will hurt the flow the least. Transitions are good only if you cannot continue the flow otherwise. And using same transition over and over again gives slideshow feeling.

Remove all the prints that are not the frag messages of the pov player. You can leave the funnies, but with good taste. The useless stuff makes it harder to focus to the main content.

The music wasn't really my cup of tea, but it felt like you did the same mistake as I did with Finnhits - you used slow starter song. The second one felt much better and added much to the movie for me.

Frags weren't bad, but would had looked better with proper cutting. The Longest Yard laming was in quite big portion, but I was glad that the frags in that part were ok. Rate
2012-11-17 14:34 
awesome frags, especialy rockets. lil dark movie, i think use gl_modulate 99 for models, gonna be more pleasure to watch.
gj Simson!

dimmo, dont you want create something new for Quake 2 community?=) yours movies realy spectacular and pleasure to watch! Rate
2012-11-17 07:41 
Well done Simson! emo Rate
2012-11-16 15:28 
great vid emo Rate
2012-11-16 02:53 
Thanks for comment but, where is rate? emo

About config: that was my first thing what i had in my mind, to create very dark movie (the darkness). So i decided to add fog, low modulate etc. I tried to brighten skins by config options, but then map was too bright so i decided to do like that.

About crosshair: Propably you've seen bluring text too emo That was motion blur, which i added in after effects.

2012-11-16 02:37 
weak frags as weak simson is but rockets on tltf are insane, i'm impressed Rate
2012-11-15 18:46 
Good looking config, was something new.

There was some questions that came up to mind while watching the movie. I have never seen crosshair bounching and getting blurred like that. Did you do that in purpose or did you add motion blur? And if I guessed right why? Think it would had looked much better without it. It was 50fps after all.

The skins weren't clearly visible all the time. They got sometimes affected too much by map lighting. There is a hack to it:
gl_modulate 9999 after map has loaded and your skins will be fullbright.

I used this bind after entering cl_avidemo:
bind f1 "toggleconsole;gl_modulate 999"

Some cuts didn't work with the flow, but it showed that you tried and had good idea. I wish you all good for your future projects.
2012-11-15 11:15 
New Mirror:


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