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Demo description

flag PURRI
Date added:14.11.2011, 11:47screen
Date recorded:
Rate:Rate (votes: 17)
Type:Frags Movie
[ Download file ]
Added by:flag wisionApproved by:flag wision Rate
Q2 frag movie "PURRI". Description in the first comment.


2012-11-18 23:07 
excellent tribute to a great player! Although I think missed Purri frags much better, but the editing and the details (HD quality, transitions, etc) are of high quality. The music was a great choice, which creates good atmosphere for the rest of the video. great job, 9/10 for me. emo Rate
2012-06-27 18:45 
Very nice visualisation and average frags

lol Dimmo, did he take a part of your movie, or just took it from Purri's demo? Rate
2011-12-22 01:58 
I watched the 50fps version and here are my observations.

Does purri play with fov 90?

Color correction feels like copied from new games where you have this HDR that makes anything bright to appear as #FFFFFF pure white.

Frame blending felt like playing on old 60hz TFT as it was so blurry. If you want to use frame blending, I would advice to use same settings as they used in TC2 (http://www.esreality.com/index.php?a=post&id=1897053).

Music was presented as just background music so not enough focus on music sync for my liking.

Intro was done with care and it was really something more than we have been used to. I appreciate that and especially how the first scene blended in.

2nd frag was already used in a movie by me (http://q2scene.net/ds/index.php?op=dd3&id=1142376586) and to my standards you should had asked me before using it.

Frags were mostly nice and there was good variety of maps.

The use of alternative q2 motor felt good as I could enjoy some new and more detailed effects, textures and models.

Some transitions worked like magic, some was abuse of already too blurred frame blending.

What comes to rating this movie I go with same arguments as duda - the balance between editing and content is not supporting my interests, so I will give it 8. Rate
2011-11-17 12:10 
It get's kinda boring afterwards :/
But it's very nicely made emo Rate
2011-11-17 05:01 
Frags could be much more better, I suppose 110% pure mad skill
some rg, chg and hg frags are simply usual

music is very nice, editing and textures too but hand-weapon models are rather ugly imo

2011-11-16 09:42 
Agree on 'boring frags' remarks emo
Vizualisation is 101% tho! Rate
2011-11-15 15:57 
pretty nice work emo Rate
2011-11-15 11:48 
The engine and the movie looks so great, i enjoyed the editing, and the movie was entertaning.. But the a picture is too "ghosty" at some actions.

My only problem with this production: most of frags are rail, and many of them just somekind of spawnrape. I think there are hundreds of Purri demos on demosquad, the producer could find better content in thoose, for a movie like this.. Sometimes i felt like i am watching an "avarage" Purri demo from some league game, and the producer just downloaded like 10 Purri demos, and made his best from thoose.

I think it could be way better, if the movie maker spend more time for content selection, instead of fancy editing stuff, but anyways, the movie was entertainin.

Purri is a legend for sure and i guess most of clips were from offical league games, where hard to show some fancy frags comparing to friendly games, but can't give 10 just cause of this emo Rate
2011-11-15 06:32 
emo ..wow

Finally, a Real quake II frag movie... PFFF. Everything was just awesume....and Purri definitely deserved this. His rails are mad. =)

+ "seeing anyone get railed over and over again is frikki'n awesume!"
+ some very nice transitions
+ quality music
+ quality effects
+ A real fighter playing! emo
+ not those very over-used rocket frags every other second. rail ftw.
+ very nice PAK .... share it plz :]
+ various maps, GreaT!
+ not too long, not too demanding to watch (and yet fantastic video quality)
+ Fresh intro!
+ i can just go on...

- u kiddin' me right?

BEst Q2 movie - and no - I do not exaggerate.
Best Q2 player.
-----------------> Rate
2011-11-14 19:34 
just like neon said.

awsome... im glad sb put a lot of effort to make such good movie. Rate
2011-11-14 18:11 
Its not a fragmovie ... its a movie !!!

Its a new age of moviemaking. Art for art's sake!

I rating totality, not parts.
Only one minus by average frags.
Its fucking amazing man.

emo Rate
2011-11-14 17:29 
Breakthrough ideas! Like passing from map to map using Purri's mooving out of the cornerns. Or Purri's logo at the beginning surrounded by slugs < its all so creative (and more..).

And plenty of maps! (thanks god with well looking textures).

Great work. Rate
2011-11-14 16:17 
Great engine but frags could be better... Anyway, great job. Rate
2011-11-14 14:00 
awesome... Rate
2011-11-14 13:23 
+ music
+ video quality
+ awards/frag messages (tho they could be a bit brighter)
+ some nice frags
+ extra 3dsmax work (or whatever you used)
- lot of frags were already used in other movies
- lot of frags were just not movie material
- railgun model.. i know it's from highpoly/highres pak, but it just looks ridiculous
- "seeing anyone get railed over and over again gets pretty boring"
2011-11-14 12:05 
Pretty damn good rails. My only complaint is that there's not enough rocket frags. Sure, the rails are REALLY impressive, so are the other frags in there as well, but really impressive rocket frags just add more "WOW" factor to a frag movie. (Also, seeing anyone get railed over and over again gets pretty boring for me. emo)

All in all, a good movie with amazing editing sk1llz and highlight frags. (Now if only purri would start his EDL matches emoPPP)

8/10 :> Rate
2011-11-14 11:27 
just watched it,good frags with some oldschoolers (zyz and wizard emo )
the movie looks awesume,great job morgot emo Rate
2011-11-14 10:52 
q2 frag movie "PURRI" : http://www.youtube.com/user/QuakeNews#p/u/0/beIc8MkhGV8

"PURRI" (youtube) - http://www.youtube.com/user/QuakeNews
"PURRI" (filefront) - http://www.gamefront.com/files/20980586/purri_2011.mp4
"PURRI" (narod.ru) - http://narod.ru/disk/31357846001/PURRI_(2011)_1280x720p%4050_x264.mp4.html

youtube - 30fps. filefront, narod - 50fps

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