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Demo description

flag Short Test Movie (Lithium)
Date added:23.1.2009, 10:44screen
Date recorded:2009-01-23
Rate:Rate (votes: 7)
Type:Frag movie
[ Download file ]
Added by:flag DimmoApproved by:flag Dimmo Rate
102mb, 50fps, 640x480, 3min 54s | made by Piip


2009-05-10 16:38 
the download link is dead. provide new or i have to delete this
2009-02-16 17:01 
Piip =)

Glad to see that Lithium will have some air time, it is idd the best game/mod ever (imo ofc).

Funny tryed to make one in the past, but his hdd crash and all demos/samples with it and the movie never saw day light emo

Best of luck to your movie m8, i will for sure download it to remember the good (best) old days.


Ps: nice reply Conm
2009-01-28 05:28 
bg Rate
2009-01-25 13:12 
Why would my ps be 'nonsense', rl?
2009-01-25 08:03 
nice reply Conm
2009-01-25 06:08 
I know, Muerte. I try to be as polite as I can and I understand most of the players here haven't tried the mod at all or played it very little. The frags really aren't so easy and this stuff is technically challenging, even if there's not so awesome aiming or some "one of the thousand" air rocket hits.

I'm was kinda surprised how this jumping in the end seems to be the high point here. I like these air+hook+rail/rocket+hit parts best, parts where everything is done same time, not by shooting first, then hook after that, and again shooting, then hooking etc. - and also retaining speedjump without stopping when you land and go to the next frag/armor/weapon.

Next movie will have Edge and Tokay's Towers along with some other classical lithium maps - and it also features [TNC]Dark (best lithium player), if you ever heard about him. Plus frags and other content are much better there, no fillers like in this movie. You like it.

BTW muerte, how long ago did you play Lithium and on which servers? When I played my first games, mod was already dying and playing was centered totally to 2 servers - Cardassia and XS4ALL - were there? And are you still interested in Lithium all?

edit/, comn, those might be helpful. I'll try things you suggested. Thx.
2009-01-24 23:43 
rly enjoyed in this movie about "mod of my q2youth"
i hope u will show in full movie how edge or tokay towers look like when real q2 players-flayers play emo

+ frags
+ music
- skins, maybe smaller r_explode pak
ps u must forgive this commentators who never played lithium mod and don't know how to use fast hook and shoot in same time
2009-01-24 11:24 
ps: @floyd, read those 2 first comments again...your 'ps' is pointless -> nonsense....
And what about this 'test movie'...


2009-01-24 10:09 
This is test movie so I think better frags are yet to come. Clean keygrip work, no mistakes here. I don`t care about the music. Different people, different taste. Author knows best what he wants the movie to be like but try to fit frags to the music. Don`t just put them in random order, anybody can do that. You are movie maker, show us your editing style. Mixed it up with some smooth transitions but dont go to wild with it.
If you have 2 or 3 similar frags, chose the one with best skill or the one with addicional kills before or affter main frag. Dont show us all 3. Sometimes less means more ;]
Bla bla white skins, bla bla same map, you know what to do with this ;]
Try to add some changes to item skins or at least change the sky. There`s plenty of beautiful env files nowadays.
Lower the gl_modulate just a little bit and see what is like.
Since every movie has a story, try to build up momentum. Save the best content for last minutes but remember to keep viewers entartain till they get there.

The basic q2 movie is dm2 file with mp3 in it. The more your movie will be different from it the better. You are moviemaker and you have powerful editing tools to do it.

Hope it will help you
2009-01-24 09:37 
I must say that I liked this movie, I even liked the music emo. Well, frags were normal, but like U said - the better one's are for the full lengh movie. I especially liked movement emo
And wtf is wrong with white skins ? i have them too. Well, not for the male, but for female. Women = purity emoemo

Ps. This map sux ; p Rate
2009-01-24 08:50 
Okay, maybe I can't really judge just how skilled this performance is, since I'm not familiar with the lithium mod.
Maybe my judgment was influenced by the averageness of the rest of the movie as well.
2009-01-24 08:34 
Bullz, I've got demo cut of that speedjumping which is about 15-20 seconds longer than in the movie, but I have much better speedjumping cuts (tltf, q2dm1, q2dm2, q2dm3). This jumping on urndm1 was actually very easy speedjumping and it was only a filler.

I don't wanna whine, or try to explain things or sound rude, but I must reply to this too many missed shots comment. I agree the movie is average, probably below average, but still.

Keep in mind this is totally different mod. Playing is much faster-paced and rockets are easy to dodgje just by going to air and all players who play lithium more than randomly understand this.

Rail missed only twice in the movie and chain was pretty on much on the mark, but even rail misses more often in Lithium when you're more in the air, hooking and shooting same time, which make aiming harder and you also don't have so much time to aim.

If I include rockets frags where every rocket hits, then there are no air rocket battles, since most rockets against air targets just miss. One who can take the chance when opponent makes mistake by going too close to wall or ground normally wins and I think that what makes air rockets frags fun to watch - and also challenging.

Anyway, I still agree content for this movie is very average, but I didn't wanna use better content for this movie when this was made for test purposes. I intentionally used white skins and this music in hope that they cause some kind of reactions, positive or negative.

"i dont like weapon stay"

That's personal preference, but Lithium doesn't have many voting options like some others mods. And no team mods, so weapon stay is all good, imo.

"low skill"

There is a point when you should think twice before posting this or not. Trust me, there really is.
2009-01-24 07:32 
- bad music
- easy frags
- low skill
- ugly-looking
- no syncing

There's still lots of work to do, I'm afraid...

ps: @rl, it's not "simply frags", it's "the frags are simple -> simple frags" Rate
2009-01-24 06:39 
Last run is the best, żdo you have the demo emo?

2009-01-23 19:08 
easy frags (with too many missed shots), nice music even if not fits

i dont like weapon stay

+ only the movement at the end

and only one map btw... Rate
2009-01-23 18:50 

simple, not simply

Polecam odwiedzic ta strone:
2009-01-23 18:22 
+ not bad music


- simple frags
- no synchro
- codec, low quality
- white skins emoo

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