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Demo description

flag tlk vs tft flag
Team 1:tlkscreen
Team 2:tft
Map:q2dm6 « Download
Type:Euroq2l #16
Date recorded:1323667296
Rate:Rate (votes: 1)
Date added:20.12.2011, 04:12
[ Download file ]
Added by:flag *TeiOch* Approved by:flag biah Rate
Div III, Bronze, homemap, pos: Railgun


2011-12-20 10:26 
wow, looked a bit odd when I saw this on my "regular" eq2l pc. I tried to play these bronze-games with a secondary computer that I had never played eq2l on before. Reason? A very unstable mouse... but wonderful sound system. My primary pc has a stable mouse but horrible sound. emo
Well, it didn't feel like this when I played, some hits with RG I felt a bit like Purri. emo ..and I think I agree with biah, 7 star. That is, 7 star for being on my secondary pc.....with that mouse I had good aim during this game! emo Soon tho, a new mouse will be bought, all my games will be taken to a complete new level. emo
Cool sof, I can use free:

gege emo - we won this map with skill and control for sure!

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