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flag Mixed vs Mixed flag
Team 1:Mixedscreen
Team 2:Mixed
Map:q2dm1 « Download
Date recorded:1272489979
Rate:Rate (votes: 4)
Date added:28.4.2010, 16:28
[ Download file ]
Added by:flag masteris Approved by:flag ph Rate
One of the best my public q2dm1 demo. Some interesting comments from spectators, they were interested am i narkoman or on heroin in this game? :D Answer is NO, i am poor lame - just was on fire this time! ;)


2010-05-28 07:16 
great to watch. he hits it (almost) every time((((: Rate
2010-05-05 01:46 
thread complete: "in-character" replies from BOTH Hibru and Mrt (not crazy about "Menedes" -- Mndes? Loss of three letter status emo )
Moving on to review Shugg's dm2 demolition demo and maybe chase it with a typically cerebral necro pov demo.

*thread locked* emo "he can't do that!" no I can't emo
2010-05-04 08:17 
Nothing so special here, noobs running without brains. Rate
2010-05-04 04:10 
Rofl, comment like Menedes about "autofire/aimbot" make me laugh a bit cause its like compliment to me since i can assure i never used any cheat, never even was interested of how it works etc.(was enough to see that pathetic shit in 'cheaters?' section demos).
Btw, there is other my Mix-vs-Mix demo on DS(could be interesing what spectators can say about that demo too) i have some demos from that day where teams was mixed with a bit other players, if u want i can upload it for some prove of no cheats, np! This demo actually was uploaded earlier with info words: "One shot one kill, no cheats - just skill"(and no one said something about cheats, lol). However, im not want to prove of my skills, the true is - im lame(and its ok status for me) here i just was on fire + some luck! emo
Main upload reason that imho its nice to see demo where i made some nice action/shots, - prove of that for me is words like: "to be fair, he DID hit many flick rails under pressure + actually this rg looks wierd here" - thnx for that too! emo
2010-05-03 23:51 
I'm not an authority on how the "latest" aim-bots work, but one factor in favor of masta:
the opposing team put little pressure on both rg area AND megaroom...PLUS, with no disrespect, they didn't team together that well --
this allowed Masta time to basically stop moving and set up his shot; many of his rails were setups -- just timed to hit in mid-air, after a jump, or predict movement.

Masta's team could then begin spawnraping and locking down map points, allowing him to rampage and freely rove the map, instead of simply playing rg area position.

+ to be fair, he DID hit many flick rails under pressure, but his biggest problem in the demo was running out of ammo emo
2010-05-03 21:32 
ok this is what i think about comments like muertes.

If you dont have proves, then be silent. Cause accusations like that just destroyes the harmony of the scene. And we can start to cheat accuse every singel player that has done wierd rails in demos uploaded on demosquad.

Do you really want the paranoid world that muerte lives in to spread to the whole scene? i doubt...

And masteris, kick ass demo. Rate
2010-05-03 12:58 
actually this rg looks wierd here
2010-05-03 09:05 
OH look muerte thinks someone cheats again! I am so suprised i fell of my chair =)
2010-05-03 06:16 
only impression i got from this demo is autofire/aimbot
funny how your bot (i guess color bright skin) was confused in water at end between dead body and player
and when u get 25 u got scared someone will notice
poor skill rl in room just prove my point
2010-05-03 06:14 
Atlast some1 got the point why I uploaded some of this demos. I know this is just public 4vs4 random players mixed in teams so we often dont even record them. But even there can be some nice action game etc., etc.
This demo is one of them, Im glad that some ppl like it! emo
Thnx for n1 opinion spectator_1. emo
2010-05-01 18:50 
Sorry I forgot to rate a 10..hit the 9. emo

Can somebody else proxy vote for me a 10? Plus if you're on DS and have NOT watched this demo...wtf are you doing on DS? THIS is your demo for crissakes!!

(is vote ringing allowed? emo ) Rate
2010-04-30 22:15 
emo emo emo
This has to be in the top 10 dm1 4on4 demos of all time!

Too many hilarious, amazing situations Masta escaped, but always taking two or three frags with him.
++ frags around 4:15 -- Somehow he's dancing on opponent's head and moving just far enough ahead to rocket the dude in SSG hall.

+ very impressed how Master found SO many frags in arena with so little time spent replenishing. Crazy that lack of ammo denied him probably 10 more frags!

+ entire demo is like one continuous highlight movie...those two blaster deaths at the end hurt! Fack!
2010-04-29 15:41 
Ye, wtf kolt? earlier was earlier.. lets leave old flames in the past and be friends. emo
2010-04-29 14:01 
wtf!? emo
2010-04-29 06:25 
i wonder when will u request to remove all ur demos from ds like u did earlier

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