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2009-10-22 BDL #3
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2009-02-18 Q2 CUP!
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2009-01-20 BDL #3
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BDL #3
IRC: #balkan.q2
Sign ups: off

BDL signups2008-06-09 08:19 | careem
flagEnglish: Im finally back flag(CAREEM). Now we can start the league soon as possible.
The players, who already signed and still want to participate in the league, leave a message that you're still up for this. All signed player who won't let know about their condition by the deadline of signups, will be erased from the signup list.

The new deadline for the league will be Wednesday, 18. June @22:00CET and the
groups will be online @00:00CET.

flagCroatian: Evo me koncno nazad flag(CAREEM), sad mozemo da startamo ligu.
Za ove koji ste na signup listi,a ocete jos igrati ostavite poruku ovdje. Svi igraci koji nebudete dali poruke do kraja vremena,budete izbrisani sa liste.

Vremena za prijavu imate do srijede 18. Junja 22:00sati. Grupe budu online u 24:00 sati.


Sign up here

IRC: #edc.q2 @qnet

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Bad news2008-03-22 04:56 | careem
Police took from me (careem) everything connected with computers and internet... The deadline will be a bit delayed because im not gonna be avalible at the internet for a while (1more week) ..

Be patient...
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BDL forum & BDL @esreality.com2008-03-17 02:07 | careem
flagKicia just added a forum section for the BDL at q2scene forum site. Feel free and post posts and comments there, all about the league.
Moderators are me flag(careem) and flagsasa.

flagKicia je dodala forum za bdl na q2scene forum stranicu. Tamo mozete postati postove i komentare,sve u vezi ove lige.
Moderatori smo ja flag(careem) i flagsasa

BDL forum


News about the Balkan Duel Leauge are now posted at ESR.

Novosti za balkansku duel ligu su sada postane na ESR.


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Signups2008-03-16 02:58 | careem
Signups are open and you can already signup. Those, who signed up for the cup, please idle at #edc.q2
The rules' section is under construction, the rules will be published today. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The signups are due on 19.04.2008, 24:00CET

Signupsi su on,mozete se prijaviti sada al nemamo jos rules. Addat cu rules danas. Koji ste se prijavili idlajte na ircu #edc.q2.

Vremena za prijavu imate do 19.04.08 @24:00cet.

Sign up here

hf & gl
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Balkanska duel liga2008-03-16 01:29 | careem
Welcome to a brand new page of a brand new cup, Balkan Duel League (BDL). It is a-1-on-1 tournament for all of quakers who live in following countries:
flagRomania, flagBulgaria, flagSerbia, flagBosnia-Herzegovina, flagGreece, flagTurkey (Istanbul), flagMacedonia, flagAlbania, flagCroatia and flagSlovenia.

We are always in need of an extra helping hand (especially Croatian and Serbian ones). If you feeling like doing some charity, contact Careem at #edc.q2. At this point, admins are:
flagCareem (the head admin),
flagSasa aka guard (croatian news editor, match admin)
flagSovet (English news editor).

IRC: #edc.q2 @ Quakenet

Dobrodosli na novu stranicu koja se zove balkan duel liga. Ovo ce biti 1v1 liga u koji smiju igrati samo balkanci: flagRomunija, flagBolgarija, flagSrbija-Crna gora, flagBosna i Hercegovina, flagGrcija, flagTurcija (Istanbul) flagMakedonija, flagAlbanija, flagHrvatska i flagSlovenija.
Svi koji koristite irc idlajte na #edc.q2.
Trebaju nam admini, za sada smo ja (careem), Sasa i sovet. Sovet ce pisati engleski ovdje.

Jos jedan put:
Admini: flagcareem, flagguard i flagsovet (trazimo hrvatske ili srbske admine)
IRC: #edc.q2 @qnet

To je to za sada.

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