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BDL #3
IRC: #balkan.q2
Sign ups: off

Groups online!2008-10-07 14:28 | careem
Sign ups are now closed, groups and rounds are now online.

Each group have 3 players, the first two players of every group will go to playoffs. That means the last one in the group is out.

The deadline for these games (1st round) is 19. October. The league officially starts on Friday (10.10.08), but if you want (only if both players agree) you can play your games earlier.

We have six exceptions (flagU-God, flagReverence, flagBobek, flagduco, flagHunter247 and flagMoBy) in the league.

1st Round:
A] flagZ1on vs flagCoVell,
flagMoBy vs flagFaLCoN
B] flagSniper_bg vs flagReverence
flagMastah vs flagunder
C] flagcareem vs flagCheimera
D] flaglasthero vs flag5a5a
E] flagkinezu vs flaglux0r
flagq2|zeus vs flagHunter247
F] flagcold[atc]vs flagDean M.
G] flagBobek vs flagU-God
flagZebany vsflagUniBG
H] flagNiGGY vs flag[bg]malefactor

2nd Round:
A] flagZ1on vs flagMoBy
flagFaLCoN vs flagCoVell
B] flagSniper_bg vs flagunder
flagMastah vs flagReverence
C] flagcareem vs flageu^
D] flaglasthero vs flagbEAhe
E] flagkinezu vs flagHunter247
flagq2|zeus vs flaglux0r
F] flagcold[atc]vs flagb0t
G] flagBobek vs flagUniBG
flagZebany vs flagU-God
H] flagNiGGY vs flagduco

3rd Round:
A] flagMoBy vsflagCoVell
flagFaLCoN vs flagZ1on
B] flagunder vs flagReverence
flagMastah vs flagSniper_bg
C] flageu^ vs flagCheimera
D] flagbEAhe vs flag5a5a
E] flagHunter247 vs flaglux0r
flagq2|zeus vs flagkinezu
F] flagb0t vs flagDean M.
G] flagUniBG vs flagU-God
flagZebany vs flagBobek
H] flagduco vs flag[bg]malefactor

Please idle at irc: #edc.q2 @qnet, so you can contact or be contacted by your opponents.

Have fun and good luck!

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BDL #22008-09-28 13:46 | careem
We would like to welcome you to the second season of the Balkan Duel League. The first BDL season has ended yesterday, and today the signups are opened already!

Signups are open and you can already sign. Those, who signed up for the league, please idle at #edc.q2 @qnet.


flag 5a5a

The signups are due on 7.10.2008, 24:00CET

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The end!2008-09-27 15:33 | careem
Final standing:

img flagCAREEM
img flagkinex
img flaghstl / flagSniper.bg

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Finals!2008-09-27 07:45 | careem
We have reached the finals, and there are only two players left to face it and to prove who is the champion of the Balkan Duel League!

The Romanian hardcore player flagkinex vs flagCAREEM the Slovenian black power will be tonight at 21cet!!!


Once again, the finals will be played today -
Saturday, 27. September, @21:00CET!

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1/2 games and predictions!2008-08-10 20:03 | careem
We have reached semifinals and there are only 4 players left. I think it will be two very interesting game's.

flagCAREEM vs flagSniper.bg

flagCAREEM is still the only player without a single maploss. He won flagbEAhe in 1/8 final and flagNiGGy in his quarter final game.

flagSniper.bg is actually one of the best player's in this league, but unfortunately he play's with flagCAREEM in 1/2. This game will be 3:0 in favor of flagCAREEM.

flag kinex vs flaghustla

flagkinex won in 1/8 final flag5a5a with the score 3:0 and in 1/4 final he won flagdean with the score 3:1.

flaghustla won in 1/8 final flaglux0r with the score 3:0 and in 1/4 final he won flagcold with the score 3:2. I think this game will be hard to predict, they are mate's they know every move from each other in duel's, but I think the winner in the end will be flagkinex with the score 3:1 in map's.

The deadline for these matches will be 17.8.08 @23:00CET

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