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BDL #3
IRC: #balkan.q2
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Finals!2008-12-04 20:13 | careem
Final game for 1st place:
flag U-god vs flag CAREEM
Final game for 3rd place:
flag kinex vs flag CoVell

The deadline for these matches is Tuesday 16.12.2008, 22CET

hf & gl!
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2v2 league settings!2008-11-28 10:31 | careem
Settings in 2v2 league:
Maps: 5
Players per team: 2
Minimum of teams: 8
Timelimit: 10
Overtime: 1 min
Powerups / BFG: On
Mod: OpenTDM

We need to know everything before posting it public. Feel free to post your opinion about settings.

flag Croatian:
Za one koji neznaju sta se desava ovdje.. Radimo sad na novoj ligi. Igralo se bude 2 protiv 2. Za ostali info pogledajte BDL forum ili pitajte na irc kanalu #balkan.q2 @qnet.
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2v2league and new irc channel!2008-11-24 13:26 | careem
We have decided to make the new irc channel @qnet. for 1v1 and 2v2 Balkan leagues. Join at #balkan.q2 and enjoy your stay!

2v2 League
I made the map vote poll at BDL forum, feel free to vote the maps!
Please let us know here who want to play in 2v2 league!
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The predictions of the semies!2008-11-22 11:37 | sovet
Here we are, ladies and gentlemen, in the semi-finals of Balkan Duel League #2. We have four players remaining who are about to fight for a spot in the most prestigious battle in any tournament out there, the Grand Final. The struggle will not be easy and we are looking for a serious spectacle to be thrown upon us.

The first semi-final game is between flag Covell and his Slovenian opponent flag Careem.
Covell is a rising young star of Estonian heritage. In very short time, he mastered his accuracy to an insane level, making many top duellers fear his SSG and RG encounters. He already proved to be worthy to qualify into the group stage in EDL #7 and doing pretty damn well in RDL #4 by almost defeating Damiah on Koldduel1.
In the opposite corner, we have the Founding Father of this very tournament and a very good dueller, Careem. He is not new to the Q2 scene. He has been around for years and had plenty of time to master his skills. Being on top is important for him and he is willing to do his best to make that happen!

Speaking of the titan's clash, Careem will probably choose Ptrip and Q2rdm7. Covell, on the other hand, will not hesitate picking Q2rdm2 and second choice will be between Q2rdm1 and Q2dm1. Careem is a very good dueller in friendly games, but gets really anxious when it is time to play for real. Covell, however, has always seen Q2 as an instant action rollercoaster. He does not like to camp and this his play may become his own tombstone. It is very hard to predict how this match will turn out, but it may be anything - from a complete rape from any of the sides to the very one frag on overtime on the fifth map.

But let us gamble with our prediction and I would dare to say that Covell will win 3:2 or 3:1. I am pretty sure Careem will manage to bring Covell down on Q2rdm7, but it is unlikely to defeat Covell on any of his homemaps and Ptrip maybe a good trap for Careem, since Covell is a very good dueller there too.

In the second semi-finals, we have another couple of excellent players, flag Kinezu and flag U-God.
Kinezu improved A LOT during the last years and became very powerful opponent in duel games. In his quater-final games, where he met Luxor, Kinezu showed that with decent ping his railgun can be very Provi-like. If he gets that ping again and cool nerves, U-God will have a very hard time struggling to survive.
Kinezu's opponent, U-god. I still do not know what that "U" stands for (is it Ukrainian? =) ), but the second part of his nickname is on the spot. Like any other lithuanian players, U-god mastered Match1 to the beyond-like level and there is noone to stop him there. In addition to that, if there is no supreme tension crushing his nerves, he can adopt to any map and outperform a lot of enemies.

For the map choice, U-God will aim at Match1 and Ztn2dm3, where has performed the best and he is most likely to take those maps home. Now, it is very hard to predict (at least for me :P), what maps will be picked by Kinezu. I would dare to say his first choice will be Ptrip and for the second map he will consider something between Q2dm1/Ztn2dm2/Q2rdm7.
I may be biased here, but I am more likely to put my money on U-god's victory. My prediction would be 3:1 to U-god, with Kinezu winning Ptrip.

You are absolutely obliged to post your opinions and predictions to see, who has the best foresight! Last, but not least, we are already eager to see those action to happen very soon, aren't we?!
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2v2 balkan league?2008-11-22 01:21 | careem
We had already discussion at BDL forum about to make the new Balkan 2v2 league. The big question was if we will get enough teams? The minimum number of teams will be 8. All what we need to know is if you are interested in new league! If you are then please leave a comment with your name of team. This is the only way to make the league!

What do you say on flag zdufs suggestion, to make irc channel for both leagues, #balkan.q2?
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