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Maps in Playoffs2013-04-09 10:54 | Welkin
It seems there has been a misunderstanding in some playoff games in this league. Since we follow EDL rules, this is how maps are chosen:

4.1.5 A player may only pick one map in each match - even in the playoffs.
4.1.7 Home team (meaning the player in the antecedent position on the game's webpage) always picks the first map. Away team picks second map.
4.1.8 After having finished playing both players' map picks in a playoff game, the following two maps to play are chosen through map elimination. Whoever has earned the higher net value (own score minus opponent's score) in the first two maps, will choose who starts eliminating the remaining maps. Also, the player who did not start eliminating, will pick which map (out of the chosen two) to play first.
4.1.9 In case of a tie, the decider map is to be picked like this: For games played on a neutral server, the player who has earned the higher net value (of score) in the match, will choose who starts eliminating the remaining maps.

For the Grand Final, which is bo7, the information pasted above is not complete.

2013-05-19 09:16 
Newer Update:

These ppl need to upload/fix remaining demos:

ficha: 2 missing demos from 2 matches;
( ficha vs. -sQn- ) & ( ficha vs. playOK )

k1ra: 1 missing demo + 1 incomplete demo from 1 match;
( isbjorn vs. k1ra )

Or warnings will be handled out anytime soon.
So I urge these to upload/fix remaining demos IF possible!
Just don't wanna see unnecessary warnings. emo

[ previous posts here of mine should be deleted. ]
2013-05-02 11:17 
bazinga emo

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