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ADL #1 Reward2013-02-06 02:17 | k1ra

I got an email from *TeiOch* with a really good news. Here is it:

"I here contact you about a Cash Reward I can offer to the ADL Champion Gold winner, consisting of 100 Euro exactly. If this will be accepted (which I see little reason it would not :] ) It can be announced in a news post on the ADL site that I'll sponsor the winner of 100 € and will pay all fees evolving the transaction so that 100 € will not be altered to the receiver, he will get precisely 100 €. Method I then will be using is PayPal and only requirements I will have is:
1) The payment is handled by me privately to the winner.
2) Winner must have a valid Paypal address sent to me by the time of the transaction.
3) Since no other forms of payments are accepted (e.g. bank transfers), if winner is unavailable to provide a Paypal address, therefore ineluctably can't be paid, the Prize is going to second best contender, the Silver Champion.
4) That I am guaranteed to have a spectator slot in Grand Final Match on the real server."

We are thinking that these terms are fair and fairly eligible. So there's no reason not to accept it. So Cash Reward to the ADL Champion Gold winner is 100 Euro.

p.s. If someone else want to be a sponsor then you are welcome, just msg me :)

Another thing that I wanted to tell you. The deadline for the round 1 was last Sunday. I decided not to give all deserved w/o right now due to some reasons:
-I've spoken with almost all indebted people and they are going to play their game asap
-A few players were afk during 1st round week for some personal reasons

So now the round 2 is in progress, and you should play 2 games in a row. Please don't hesitate to do it asap.
Next Tuesday it will be w/o in case of non played games.

Thanks for the understanding.

Another small update.

Sti is not able to play the league due to his personal circumstances. His matches are forfeited on his behalf (rule 6.1.6). Sti is replaced by Scipio in his group.


A small announce of the new upcoming Tourney of Quad - 1 day 4x4 event. More details can be found there:


2013-02-20 05:28 
2013-02-18 13:18 

emo { gl }
2013-02-16 17:38 
I like the 4th term Tei emo
2013-02-15 06:21 
17.02 at 19:00 cet 2nd part Tourney of quad! #q2pickup
2013-02-14 05:55 
berry niceemo
2013-02-11 13:23 
{ gl }
2013-02-11 07:14 
who is the man ? Tei is the man ofc ! emo emo
2013-02-06 08:06 
Great hearing. emo

By the time I was writing that, I didn't remembered there was two DIV playoff systems, so to fully clarify: this Prize will go to Champion of DIV.1 alone.
If some other(s) could perhaps consider sponsoring a Prize for the DIV.2 Champion, that'd be great! The more cash the better. emo

{ gl } & { hf }

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