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ADL #1
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ADL #1 Started!2013-01-28 16:40 | k1ra
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let us present the official launch of the Advanced Duel League, season #1!

1) Maplist is the following:
frdm3, bloodrun, broken3, ohmdm4, q2duel2, q2rdm10, q2rdm5, vascular, wasted

2) The basic stuff you need to know for your games:
- Always "vote webconfig edl"
- Always record demos, as you will have to upload them
- Each player picks one map, 3rd map is chosen through elimination
- Each round lasts a week; the schedule shows you all that
-2 best players from each group will manage to the playoffs div1
-next 2 players (3d and 4th positions) from each group will manage to the playoffs div2

All other terms and regulations are made clear in the rules. Until the new rules are published, the old EDL sheet (v11.3) is to be followed.

3) List of servers where all or most maps are available (may be updated):
wizards (FI) (all maps except: bloodrun, ohmdm4, vascular) (RUS)
tyrs+30 (SWE) (UA) (all maps except: bloodrun, broken3, ohmdm4, wasted)
tastyspleen (NE)
tastyspleen (DE)
tastyspleen (UK)
.german q2 (DE)
.german q2 (DE)
.german q2 (DE)
.german q2 (DE)
.german q2 (DE) (DE) (DE)
Balticum (LV)
.de (DE)
.de (DE)
east.tastyspleen (US)
east.tastyspleen (US)
Chicago (US)

4) Redlist:

So let the blood run and get some fun :)

/ ADL crew

2013-02-04 19:04 
got a basic duel league? lol where average players can duke it out :-)
2013-01-29 13:15 
Done dudes, 2 first players from each groups will manage to playoff div1, second 2 - to playoff div2 emo
2013-01-29 10:53 
agree with nrk
and more less ALL adl players are reachable in irc easily
2013-01-29 06:03 
Dont get mad on me, but im full of ideas todayemo

What about 3rd and 4th place players goes to some ubber losers bracket and plays playoffs same as top2. More games and more fun for those who coulnt make it to top2. For example if im left over in 4th place i have chance to play against a guy who finished at 3rd place and so on. It wont effect top2 playoff bracket since it is ubber loosers bracket with. In the end top 2 playoff will have a winner and ppl who finish 3rd and 4th will have winner of them own. Something to fight foremo

Its just an idea u dont have to consider that or what so everemo Tbh some ppl might lose motivation to play after two loses, since only two goes thru.

Edited: 2013-01-29 06:27
2013-01-29 05:44 
Yea u might be right guys.

If everythings goes smooth with this league next year it should start same date as edl as u can see a lot of ppl wants play.
Or do two division 1 and 2 and everybody happy, but ofc u will never know who has better knowlodge of maps hard to decide whos div1 and whos div2 since its brand new maps. But its for next season i guess.

So gl and hf everyoneemo
2013-01-29 05:08 
nrk, you do have a good point, no doubt, but it is something that we have considered. The problem is like kiru explains, the playoffs will start mid-March at the earliest, and double elimination playoffs with 8 players may take as long as 2 months to finish (just look at the current EDL div 4 playoffs), so the idea of making it 16 is alittle troubling... My experience with competitions/playoffs this late in the season is nothing but bad. People start disappearing in the spring already and by mid-May we have NO idea who'll still be around.

One of the reasons we chose to only allow the top2 to advance is because the group stage is quite long. Every player gets to play alot of games, so maybe another 2 in a playoffs isn't a huge deal?
2013-01-29 02:57 
It does. If its too long then yea it should be like it is. But if we can finish our group games on time then 16 sounds better, but u never know what gonna happen when sun starts to shine again, whats on quakers mindemo
Dont know about edge, but if on edge 2ppl hoing thru from 4-5 then it makes no sence either.
2013-01-29 02:46 
Well I've asked the other admins about making 16 instead of 8. We will discuss it again asap.

But I can't promise that we will change it to 16 emo
It may make ADL too long to be finished quick due to the upcoming summer time. Makes sense?

Edited: 2013-01-29 02:56
2013-01-29 02:15 
When this league was discover i was so haply and exited!! Well most of usemo When u mix up div1 players with all others that was cool as well! When u made groups with 7-6 ppl in it that was very good as well!
But then u guys decided that only two players goes thru to the playoffs what were u thinking?? Seriously it must be shortest playoffs tree ever. Lower skill players doest have a chance at all because in every group there is atleast two ppl from div1 who are favours at top two spots.. And its not about challenge or something, you can take one map out of 3, yea, if u got good day, but in the end of day top player will win anyway. So what im try to say is..
It should be 4 ppl going thru to the playoffs.Goups with 7 ppl 4 goes and more motivation to 'lower skill or less exp' players. But hei its only my opinion im cool with the present system, but.. im sure at some part im rightemo
p.s. i was on the tube so i decided to wrote this poememo)

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