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2x2? - 2017
IRC: #2x2?
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Transfers: yes
Players limit: 3
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Round III2009-03-09 05:02 | *rl*
So, here we are in round III. But we have still a lot of unplayed matches from Round II. These matches were forced on 11.03.2009 21.00 CET. So you have 3 days to play it. Also I would like to remind you about our rule (sending demos after the match). I'm pretty sure that after 3rd Round we'll have 3,4 or 5 teams out of the league because of not following the rules. Also, if you don't want to play, please just tell me and don't waste my time. After 2nd w/o team will be kicked out of the league. And after 2nd unsent demo player is kicked out of the league aswell.

Round III:

Group A

flagRadjish Tadjish vs flageXtasy
flagteam Online-killers vs flagMuffzors
flagArmia Krajowa vs flagXtreme Slayers

Group B

flagYou Suck vs flagM-c Team
flagCyBeR vs flagIncoming
flagplay> vs flag[MS3.0] - already played

Group C

flagBench players of xTz vs [BOSS]
flagQuake2 executors vs flagPlay for honor
flagbooobies vs flagR4G3

Group D

flagLords of Terror vs flagPiiri Street
flagPlayhh vs flagfree for all
flagDm vs flag[emsi] - already played

Deadline for these matches is 15.03.2009, 21.00 CET.
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Demos, week 22009-03-02 11:12 | *rl*
Every demo (almost every) from this week's games can be found here. Demos "worth watching" will be uploaded on demosquad too.

flagRT vs flagaK - pov: Stasiek, pov: KK, pov: svilko_magnata
flagm vs flagRT - pov: CoVell, pov: xed
flagaK vs flagxTz - pov: Stasiek, pov: KK. pov: Gipsy
flag[emsi] vs flagPlayhh - pov: vacek, pov: norman, pov: shuugghh, pov: mobius
flagM-c vs flag[inc] - pov: michaq, pov: Spitfire, pov: GT7
flagplay> vs flagCBR - pov: purri, pov: Pogo
flagq2e vs flagchTz - pov: boo
flagtOk vs flagXs - pov: Niggy, pov: Jol, pov: goat

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Round II2009-03-02 08:56 | *rl*
Welcome everyone in Round II !

Group A

flagRadjish Tadjish vs flagArmia Krajowa
flagXtreme Slayers vs flagteam Online-killers
flagMuffzors vs flageXtasy - already played

Group B

flagplay> vs flagCyBeR
flagM-c Team vs flagMS3.0
flagIncoming vs flagYou Suck

Group C

flagPlay for honor vs flag[BOSS]
flagBench players of xTz vs flagbooobies
flagR4G3 vs flagQuake2 executors

Group D

flagfree for all vs flagPiiri Street
flagLords of Terror vs flagDrugsMasters
flagemsi vs flagPlayhh

All unplayed/unscheduled matches from Round I are forced on 04.III.2009, 21.00 CET. Also, please let me know when are you going to play your matches (date & time). And DO NOT FORGET about recording/sending demos!

"gl+hf = GG"
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Warnings2009-03-02 04:47 | *rl*
After 1st week of 2x2? VII, we have some players not following the rules ("All players MUST record demos AND SEND THEM TO ADMIN"). So after Round I, warnings goes to:

------ UPDATED ------


All unplayed matches from Round I are forced on 04.III.2009, and these teams/players have time to send demos till 04.III.2009, 21.00 CET.
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Demos2009-02-25 08:29 | *rl*
While flagkolt has some problems with demosquad, demos from 2x2 matches can be found below...

This news will be updated (on sunday), also there will be one news per week with demos...I just hope players won't forget about our new rule...

flagm vs flagaK - pov: KK, pov: Stasiek, pov: CoVell, pov: xed
flag[emsi] vs flagLoT - pov: vacek, pov: nailer, pov: norman, pov: cegla
flagm vs flagXs - pov: CoVell, pov: xed, pov: NiGGY, pov: Cold
flagplay> vs flag[MS3.0] - pov: purri, pov: Pogo, pov: FRQ
flagFFA vs flag[emsi] - pov: vacek, pov: norman
flagCBR vs flag[MS3.0] pov: mg, pov: DM, pov: DMG, pov: FRQ
flag[inc] vs flagplay> - pov: purri, pov: Pogo, pov: michaq, pov: sil
flagUS vs flagplay> - pov: purri. pov: Pogo, pov: faint
flagDm vs flagPS - pov: Sovander, pov: MAZTTAHH, pov: DiaCoN
flagDm vs flag[emsi] - pov: norman, pov: vacek
flag=PFH= vs flagR4G3 - pov: k1ru, pov: kaby (only 2 maps!)

More to come soon...Enjoy!
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