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2017-04-24 2x2::2017 is finished
2017-02-14 Playoff has been planted!
2017-01-17 Added two teams
2017-01-16 SGT removed and DRW m ...
2017-01-10 2x2::2017::Is opened!
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2010-02-24 2x2? #8 Inv. is over!
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2x2? - 2017
IRC: #2x2?
Sign ups: off
Transfers: yes
Players limit: 3
Sign up limit: 100 (teams)
User's clans: on

Round 12010-01-08 11:30 | *rl*
Q2scene is up again, players are ready to play, that means we can start. Here are pairs for the 1st Round:

flag4fun vs flagtok
flagCCCP vs flagplayhh
flagplay vs flagUS
flag[rage] vs flagBOSS


The mappool is: q2dm1 q2dm3, q2rdm1, ztn2dm3, match1.
Timelimit: 15
Both teams remove one map and pick one map as their home map. In case of a draw (1-1), team with higher fragcount decide who start kicking from remaining maps. Both teams can pick the same map as a their homemap

The deadline is: sunday, 17.I.2010, 21 cet. GL and HF //admins crew

------ EDIT ------

We decided to revert the rules back, since one match was already played, namely: Both teams remove one map and pick one map as their home map. Which is exactly the same as it was at the start of the league. Sorry for that.
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2x2 VIII Invitational2010-01-05 12:54 | *rl*
Since not much is going on, euroq2l is over, I think it's the right time to start another season of our 2x2 League. This time only eight teams will participate (two groups, four teams each), two teams from each group advance straight to the semi final. Mappool is more or less the same as in the previous 2x2 Invitational: q2dm1, q2dm3, match1, ztn2dm3 (The Rage) and q2rdm1. In the groupstage teams will play bo3, and semifinal and final will be played in bo5 system.

Teams which already confirmed their participation:

* flagplay - PURRI & ph{
* flagtok - Jol & goat
* flagUS - nope & faint
* flag4fun - syanid & raskal
* flagCCCP - Aone & shuugghh
* flag[rage] - optiMus & aid
* flagBOSS - gerppa & thaigo
* flagplayhh - Pogo, mobius & optimizer

League will start by the end of this week (9/10.01.2010).

More details later, so stay tuned! And of course if you have any questions, me (veed), wision and Cheimera are always (almost) at your disposal.
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2x2? #7 Final Standing2009-05-21 02:43 | *rl*
Last but not least league of this season is over. Swedish team flagplay> proved they're really strong, beating polish team flagtOk in the Grand Final.


1. flagplay> img
2. flagtOk img
3. flagPlayhh img

Congratz play>!

Also, this year the Triple Crown goes to flagPURRI (by winning edl #7, euroq2l #11 and 2x2? #7), WD purri! And since summertime is so close, I wish you all best of luck in 'real life'! See you after the summertime...
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Grand Final: play> vs tOk !2009-05-17 11:38 | *rl*
After some problems in the wb and lb final, we finally reached to the Grand Final!

Tonight @ 22:00cet we should see a great battle between swedish and polish team.

flagplay> [2:1] flagtOk



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WB Final: [BOSS] vs play>2009-04-28 06:24 | *rl*
Not many games left. In the WB Final, flag[BOSS] will try to beat flagplay>. This match wasn't scheduled yet.

flag[BOSS] vs flagplay>

In the LB, we have some delay...But tonight we should see two good games:

flag[emsi] [0:2] flagUS
flagplayhh [2:0] flagaK

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