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2017-04-24 2x2::2017 is finished
2017-02-14 Playoff has been planted!
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2017-01-16 SGT removed and DRW m ...
2017-01-10 2x2::2017::Is opened!
2017-01-07 2 days before start
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2010-02-24 2x2? #8 Inv. is over!
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2x2? - 2017
IRC: #2x2?
Sign ups: off
Transfers: yes
Players limit: 3
Sign up limit: 100 (teams)
User's clans: on

2 days before start2017-01-07 16:51 | k1ra
Listen and do not tell you wasn't been told.

Only 2 days left before the start of the league. So please everyone who's thinking to signup but haven't done it yet.

Just press signup button. Or you can just tell me about your wish! Cmon! Cheers!
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It's timeeeeee for 2x2? - 20172016-12-18 16:35 | k1ra
Ladies and gentlemen,

It's timeeeeee for 2x2? 2017

Rules in short:
* Map list: dm1, dm2, dm3, z3, d5, rdm1, match1
* Time limit: 15
* Server settings: tdm, powerups 1, overtime 2
* Number of difs depends on amount of teams (probably we'll have the same system as in current edl - like high and low brackets after group stage)
* Emails with screenshot should be sent to quake2vs2@gmail.com
* The rest is the same as in EDL (h/a and etc.)

The tournament is OPEN, so everyone is welcome, just find mate and sign up :>

The goal is to make this going really fast, so sign ups will be closed January 9th.

Group stage is up to your, but you MUST play all your games until February the 14th (from q2 crew with love :D )

p.s. fakes are not allowed, any team with fake nick would be removed before seeding.

League admins are k1ru flag and AlexJ flag

p.p.s: rules updated!
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2x2? #8 Inv. is over!2010-02-24 03:36 | *rl*
So this season is finally over. And i don't want to be a bad prophet, but this was probably the last season of this league (hopefully i'm wrong). Anyway, here is the final standing in 2x2? #8 Invitational:

1. img: flagCCCP (aone/shuugghh)
2. img: flag4fun (raskal/syanid)
3. img: flagUS (faint/nope

I hope you enjoyed all the matches in this season (excluding one small problem). Thanks to all participating teams and congratz to the winners!

//admin crew
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Grand Final: 4fun vs CCCP2010-02-14 16:52 | *rl*
And here we are, after some problems we finally reached the grand final. This was quite short but really exciting season. I hope this is going to be a great final, and actually I'm pretty sure about it, cause we have two really strong teams in the final...

flag4fun vs flagCCCP

Date: 23.II.2010
Time: 21.00CET
GTV: skuller.net
Unfortunately, game for 3rd place is not gonna be played, which means flagUS will finish third, congratz.
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Broken rules2010-02-14 12:17 | wision
There have been couple of violations done by flag BOSS player flag Thaigo which now resulted in serious punishment.

It all started out with some misunderstanding between flag rl and Thaigo and harsh behavior by finnish player, which resulted in Thaigo being banned on #edge.q2 irc channel (Thaigo was already out of the league) and rl being banned on servers where Thaigo has admin password (wizards, exhale, scarab, okidoki, quaek, euroq2l).

First serious violation happened two weeks ago, when Thaigo without any good reason kicked rl from the server while he was admining a league match. This happened again in the match BOSS vs flag US. After second incident we hoped that giving Thaigo official warning will be enough for him to stop disabling admins to do their job and notified Thaigo that abusive behavior towards admins like that won't be tolerated. At the same time he received yellow card for not providing all the demos from league matches when he was asked to.

At the very same moment one of Thaigo's demos collected by wision was published on DS. After that Thaigo threatened wision that if he won't remove the uploaded demo he will start banning him too on above mentioned servers. Since admins do not need any rules for uploading demos (unless it's ensured in the rules that admins won't upload demos, which actually is not in any league), it is just admin's decision if he will follow player's request or not. Wision chose the latter and uploaded two more demos.

This resulted in Thaigo's threats becoming true and he started to ban wision on the servers where he appeared at. Despite the yellow card and warning for his abusive behavior towards league admins, he again tried to interfere with admins' job and kick admin during BOSS vs flag CCCP match. Luckily he failed because it's not possible to kick another admin on the server in OpenTDM. After the match he again failed in providing demos from the match. Instead of that he was actually spamming wision's DCC (file transfer over IRC) with random huge files}.

After these incidents it was decided that Thaigo's behavior is seriously disturbing the league and we will not accept any player who is constantly denying admins in doing their job.

Decision is that Thaigo is being kicked out of the league and banned for any upcoming season of 2x2? league. Since the violation of the rules took place before BOSS vs CCCP match, CCCP will advance to the finals and US already won bronze medal. We didn't allow flag gerppa to take some other player because then it would be completely different team for the league. We are sorry that he has been affected by this as well.
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